Sunset the Journey

Sunset the Journey

Sunset the journey is a brand born with the aim of carrying a message of freedom, love, and responsibility, both environmental and social. The project wants to honor the talent of the Wayuu community, the craftsmanship of women of the Santander region but it is also an ode to the Caribbean beaches and the sunsets of any corner of Colombia.

Its founders faithfully believe that they can carry this message of Colombian talent and craftsmanship to all corners of the world.

Ana Maria the designer work with a group of talented women from the Wayuu community of La Guajira, and a very gifted group of artisans all single mothers from Santander. 

Their Credo: "It is our duty as human beings to contribute to the care of the earth and to try to leave any environmental footprint on the following generations. It is a challenge, of course, but it would be ideal. and excellent that all brands and projects are aware of and approach the environmental and social issue as something fundamental and essential.

Sunset is for all women who love the sea, the beach, spectacular landscapes, and sunsets but especially women who love handcrafted pieces made with love.