about us



The future is collective  

The heart of Gracia Paris lies in the desire of her founder, Laura: to create a space for Latin American independent designers available to all Europe. 

To reach this vision, she brought to Paris a curation of Colombian brands, all lead by women, all advocates for ethical and slow fashion and all bound by the same intention of doing something as women for the planet, their first source of inspiration. 

Gracia as a slow multi-brand aims to create a direct link with its community: we want to build and be with you in every step of the journey to a better way of consuming fashion. Therefore, to bring the best possible quality at a fair price, keeping at its core the manufacture and chain of production ethics. We want to introduce to you brands that are reshaping social and environmental change.

As Gracia evolves, its business structure does as well. There is no room for waste.  We aim to sell timeless pieces, we improved the pre-orders system and import only the essentials. We ship in recycled cartons and have a strict NO plastic policy. We have created a sustainable index for all the brands present on our site. Subsequently, we plant a tree for every purchase made in our e-shop.

We are multicultural! Yes, Gracia started with Colombian brands, only to grow to a more inclusive e-shop, we want to welcome honest & responsible projects from all around the globe. The truth is that we thrive in cultural exchange, we love it, we are addicts to it, we believe in a more inclusive world.



Women Entrepreneurship  

women supporting women  


We are stronger together!

Sometimes the world seems to be against independent, creative, loud women. The reason why supporting women-owned businesses is at our core, is to keep breaking the mold, to build together to change the lives of young women.


The recognition of know-how 

 value know how


We offer you handmade products and slow manufacturing fashion, a result of the know-how of artisans and designers who we believe should be valued because it is the fruit of ancestral heritage, creativity, and determination the symbol of all history and multicultural wealth.


Environmental Consciousness  

slow fashion


We believe that the world is changing and that it is gradually emerging from mass consumption. We share deeply the will to protect our planet. We support brands recognized for their environmentally friendly manufacturing process or using recycled materials. At our level, we use recycled cardboard boxes for our shipments and with our pre-order system we don't produce massively, we also limit our imports in order to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible. And since November 2019 with each product sold we support reforestation supporting Envol Vert association.


Social and solidarity impact

Social impact  


In direct connection with the enhancement of know-how, we select for you, responsible consumer, products manufactured with ethics, which respect the rights of the one who manufactures them and who helps artisans and local communities by giving them jobs and by providing them with a fair distribution of the benefits which thus develop the local economy.  

We select designers who share our creed.